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Jeera Rice- Restaurant Style


Jeera rice is very popular main course dish in India.It is very tasty and mouth watering dish.This dish has been prepared in authentic style and easy style even better than restaurants. Following is the method how to prepare it.........🌝

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 Basmati rice (300 gms), cumin seeds (2 tablespoon),curry leaves (8-10),fresh coriander leaves, smashed ginger (1 tablespoon), salt to taste,green chillies (2-3), small green cardamom (3-4)(Cut open),cloves (3-4), cinnamon (1-2),large cardamom (1-2), asafoetida 1 pinch, bay leaves 2, black paper (2 tablespoon), sugar (1 tablespoon), ghee (2 tablespoon),oil (2 tablespoon), water (twice quantity of rice).


Step 1
         At first wash the rice properly and soak it for 15 minutes with cold water. After 15 minutes strain it from t…

Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk

It is not an full-fledged recipe,but an essential ingredient to make cakes and all kinds of desserts such as gajar ka halwa, lauki ka halwa, Aam ka halwa,barfi,brownie etc.Though it is easily available in the market, you can easily and quickly prepare a fresh condensed milk at the comfort of your home,following is the method how to do it........Shall we ? 🌝🌝


1.Milk (500 ml),
2.Sugar (1 cup),
3.Baking powder (1 tablespoon).

Method -

Step 1At first,boil milk in low flame for 5 minutes.After that add some sugar in it and keep stirring for 20 minutes in low flame until it reduces in one- third & then when the mixture gets a yellowish tinge, add baking powder & keep stirring well for few minutes.

Step 2 - After few minutes switch off the burner & stir it again for 1-2 minutes. Then leave the mixture in normal temperature for it to get cold and thick. Then pour the mixture into a bowl and put it in the refrigerator one hour. After one hour your home- made…

Egg less Chocolate Brownie

Egg less Chocolate Brownie (Non-Oven)
It is a global dessert.I made it in very easy style in pressure cooker.Everyone specially children are fond of it.It's moist and chocolaty tastes dissolves in mouth the moment you get it in and makes us one for more.Following is the simple method in which I made this amazing desert.My preparation of Brownie is the in between of fudgy and cakey types. Lets learn how to prepare it..Shall we ?...🌝🌝
Dark chocolate(150 gms), Cocoa powder (4 table spoon),Powdered sugar(3-4 table spoon),Milk, All purpose flour(90 gms), Condensed milk (3 table spoon), Roughly grated cashew nuts, Vanilla essence (1 teaspoon), Baking powder (1 teaspoon)and Butter (100 gms).

Method :-
Step 1: At first boil some water in a pan,after boiling for some time,place a big pan on the first pan.Give the chocolates and all the butter to melt. Keep stirring with a spoon in low flame.
Step 2 : After melting for sometime get it off from the burner, mix cocoa powder, powder…