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Mango Panna is a summer special Indian healthy drink.It keeps us Refreshing and cool from the scorching heat of sun.It hydrates our skin in summer.We should Drink this healthy beverage in this season.It is very easy to make.I made this smoky flavored Aam Panna,which will give you an extraordinary taste. 

                        Cooking Time : 20 minutes
                         Serving : 3 People
                         Recipe Category : Drink
Ingredients :
                           1. 2 Large size Raw Mango
                           2. 1 tablespoon Mint Leaves paste
                           3. 5-6 tablespoon sugar
                           4. 1 teaspoon black salt
                           5.  1 teaspoon ginger paste
                           6. 1/2 teaspoon black paper
                           7. 1 teaspoon dry roasted powdered                                                    masala(cumin seeds,Ajwain)
                           8. lots of Ice

Method :

Step 1: At first Put the green mango on a stand on the gas burner in medium flame.And roast it until it softens and turns brownish.Or put the raw mangoes in pressure cooker and after two whistles take it out from gas.Then Peel it off and take the mango pulp. 

 Step 2 : Take a Container of a Mixture grinder and Pour the mango pulp and all the other ingredients.Add some water also.Then Switch on the Mixture for a minute.

 Step 3 :  Take two serving glasses and pour the smoky flavored drink from a slightly higher level.Garnish it with Roasted spices (mentioned) and Ice. Enjoy the fresh drink and beat the heat.

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