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Whenever we drink lassi, it reminds us of the world famous Punjabi Lassi.We all know that the taste of Punjabi Lassi is awesome.It immediately refresh our body and mind.In summer season I often make different kinds of lassi.Among them I prefer Punjabi lassi.If you go to Punjab please taste their Lassi,You cant forget the taste.Here I have tried that type of Lassi.So that you can have the taste of punjabi lassi sitting wherever you like.Also I have tried to give some extra flavor in it.Please try this lassi it is prepared in 5 minutes.Lets have a look for the simple ingredients of the lassi..🌝

                        1. 1 cup curd or yogurt
                        2. 25 gms cashew nuts paste
                        3. 2 tablespoon sugar
                        4. some saffron milk
                        5. 1/2 teaspoon black salt
                        6. Milk 1 cup or as required
                        7. lots of ice

                 Step 1 :
                               At first beat the yogurt for 2 minutes with sugar with the help of hand blender.Now take a mixture container and add all the ingredients and switch on the mixture grinder for a while.
                 Step 2
                                Take two serving glass and pour some ice cubes in the glasses. Now pour the lassi from a little higher level. To decorate the glass give some chopped cashew nuts and raisin in the lassi.
To make it special you can add cherries on the corner of the glass and spread some saffron on it to give shahi flavor.Enjoy this special Punjabi Kesar Badam Lassi and give me feedback...

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