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  Mango Halwa / Mango Burfi

Mango Halwa is a summer special Indian dessert. It contains the color and flavor of ripe mangoes and tastes delicious.I made this yummy dish in authentic & easy style with a mixture of coconut, rava and mix dry fruits. It is favorite of children especially. But we all love sweets.....right !🌝🌝Lets start how to prepare this awesome dessert....

Preparation Time :- 20 minutes approx.
Serving :-  6 people.
Recipe Type : Dessert
Recipe Category : Indian

Ingredients :- 1) Pulp of 2-3 large size mangoes
                        2) 1/2 cup Rava or Sooji
                        3) 1/2 cup grated coconut
                        4) 6 tablespoon sugar
                        5) 100 gms. Mawa or Khoya (Optional)
                        6) 25 gms. chopped cashew nuts
                        7) 25 gms. chopped almonds
                        8) 25 gms. raisins
                        9) 1 cup milk
                       10) 1 tablespoon cardamom powder
                       11) 4/5 tablespoon ghee
                       12) 4/5 tablespoon cornflour

Method :-
             Step 1 - At first heat the pan by adding ghee in it. Then add semolina or sooji and stir it continuously in low/medium flame for 2/3 minutes.
           Step 2 - When the smell comes out from the roasted sooji add coconut to it. Then add some chopped cashews and almonds and raisins & mix it properly for 4/5 minutes. 
             Step 3 - After 4/5 minutes add milk to the mixture and stir it properly and continuously in medium flame to avoid lumps in the mixture. Then add some smashed mawa/khoya to soften the mixture and stir it for 2/3 minutes.
           Step 4 - After that add sugar to taste. Then add the mango pulp to it.After 2 minutes cornflour to it and mix properly. Stir it until the consistency of the mixture becomes thick like burfi. When the proper consistency is achieved add cardamom powder to it.Then switch off the burner and add 1 tablespoon ghee for that extra flavor.
            Step 5 - Take a steel plate and grease it with ghee and pour the mixture in it. Spread the remaining cashews, almonds and raisins on it and press them with the help of a spoon. Keep it like that until it cools down properly.When the mixture cools down and becomes hard cut it in your desired shape of burfi.
                    Thus, our mouth-watering Mango Halwa/ Mango Burfi is ready to be served & enjoy the Summer special dessert..🌝

Video link of the Recipe :

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