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              Veg fried rice is very popular dish specially in the dinner.My hubby is fond of veg fried rice. Thats the reason I often make the recipe.It is very easy to cook.I made it like restaurant style.The aromatic flavors of basmati rice and variety of veggies with paneer make this dish authentic and tasty.So lets learn how to make quick veg fried rice.🌝
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                   Cooking Time : 25 minutes.
                   Serving : 3-4 people.
                   Recipe type: One Bowl Meal.
                   Recipe Category : Indian.

                                1. 250 gm. Basmati rice
                                2. 1 chopped carrot
                                3. 1/2 cauliflower( medium size)
                                4. Beans 12-15
                                5. Capsicum 1.
                                6. green peas 1/2 bowl.
                                7. paneer 100 gm.(optional)
                                8. cardamom 7-8
                                9. cinnamon 2
                               10. cloves 5-6
                               11. raisin 25 gm
                               12. cashew nuts 25 gm
                               13. bay leaves 2
                               14. ghee 1 tablespoon
                               15. oil 2 tablespoon
                               16. black paper 1 tablespoon
                               17. sugar 1 tablespoon
                               18. salt to taste

                       Step 1 : At first wash the rice properly and soak it for 30 minutes,if you don't want to soak it then wash it very properly.After that strain the water from the rice and mix it with ghee or clarified butter.
                   Step 2 : Turn on the gas flame. Take some water to boil. After boiling it add the soaked rice, salt, two bay leaves and the whole spices.Let it cook for 6-7 minutes (approx. 80% cooked) on medium flame.Be mentioned here that you shouldn't over-cook the rice.After the rice gets cooked strain it and keep it in a big pan to cool.  
                     Step 3 : Take a small amount of ghee and 2 tablespoon oil in a pan and fry the paneer pieces and take them out after frying. Then fry all the vegetables for a while.To keep the veggies crunchy don't over-fry.Then add cashew nuts and raisins and mix it well.
                    Step 4 : Then add the boiled rice including the spices in it and the fried paneer pieces.Mix them properly on high flame. Add salt, black pepper and sugar and toss it to assemble all the things in the pan.After tossing for 2-3 minutes turn off the gas flame. You may take out the bay leaves if you want. To add an extra touch of flavor add some ghee and mix it.
                                 Now the fried rice is ready to be served hot.

                               Video link of the recipe :-

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