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                    Moong dal Halwa is a famous dessert throughout India specially Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh.It is super tasty dessert & easy to cook.It is considered to be auspicious for Holi, Diwali and other wedding occations.I'm fond of it and have been prepared in authentic style.The more we saute the moong dal, the more delicious will be the halwa.Do try this aromatic recipe and give me good feedback.Lets have a look for the simple ingredients of the super tasty dessert...🌝

Cooking Time : 50 minutes approx
Serving : 7-8 people
Recipe Type : Dessert

Ingredients :

                     1. 200 gms soaked mong dal (green gram)
                     2. 100 gms mawa/khoya (optional )
                     3. 250 gms sugar
                     4. 25 gms chopped cashew nuts
                     5. 25 gms raisin
                     6. 2 bayleaves
                     7. 1 bowl desiccated coconut
                     8. 1 tablespoon green cardamom powder
                     9. some saffron milk
                    10. 2 cups of milk
                    11. 100 gms ghee 

                         Step 1 : Grind the Moong dal to smooth paste into a food processor for a while.Do not add water while grinding.Now take a pan and heat it.Give ghee in it and let it melt.Give cashew & raisin,stir it for once or twice not more.Take it out from the pan.Now give the moong dal paste and bay leaves to ghee. Keep stirring continuously on medium flame for 30-35 minutes till it is golden brown & releasing its nice aroma.
                  Step 2 : Take out the bay leaves.Add coconut & khoya.Keep stirring for a minute.Now give milk and mix it. Add sugar,cashew nuts,raisin,& cardamom powder and keep stirring. Give saffron milk to get extra nice flavor and mix it for 2 minutes.Give 1 tablespoon ghee and stir it.
Here it is ready our Delicious Moong dal Halwa,after covering it for 2 minutes it can be served.Garnish this beautiful dish with beautiful cheery and give me good feedback.I'am waiting... 

(Special Note : Please Keep Stirring continuously during the entire cooking.And flame must be on medium flame so that dal does not get burned.You can make Moong dal Burfi from this Halwa.Happy Cooking ....)🌝

Video Link Of the Recipe :

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