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Vegetable cutlet or vegetable patties is the most popular snack now-a-days.When you add  crushed paneer to it its taste doubles.I make this dish often in the evening,its crispy,delicious like Restaurants.The cutlets can be fried or can be baked as you like.It goes best in the rainy seasons or in the evening with tea or coffee.Children are very fond of it,you can use this cutlet as patties in the burger.I prepared it in easy and simple way,so do try this recipe.Lets start how to learn the crispy and Restaurant like Paneer Vegetable Cutlet at home....🌝🌝

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Cooking Times : 30 minutes
No. of Cutlets : 5-6
Recipe Type : Snacks
Cuisine : Indian

Ingredients :
                                1. 200 gm smashed cottage cheese
                     2. 2 boiled & smashed potato
                     3. 1/2 finely chopped carrot
                     4. 1 finely chopped capsicum
                     5. some raw peanuts
                     6. 3 chopped green chillies
                     7. 1 tablespoon grated ginger
                     8. 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
                     9. some coriander leaves
                    10. bread crumb ( 3-4 slices)
                    11. some grinded cornflex (optional)
                    12. 1 tablespoon chaat masala
                    13. 1 teaspoon sugar
                    14. dry roasted powdered spices (cumin,coriander,whole garam masala,fennel                             seeds,ajwain)
                    15. 1 teaspoon kashmiri red chilli powder
                    16. 1 tablespoon baking soda
                    17. 2 tablespoon corn flour
                    18. 2 tablespoon gram flour / besan
                    19. 2 tablespoon all purpose flour / maida
                    20. salt to taste

                Step 1 : Put some oil in a hot pan and give peanuts on hot oil.Take them out from the pan.Add some cumin seeds,green chilli and ginger,mix it for few seconds.Now give the raw veggies to fry for a while.Then add potato in it and fresh coriander leaves and all the spices.Mix it for a minute.After that Add smashed paneer and fried peanuts & some bread crumb.Mix it for few seconds and turn off the flame and let it cool.
                Step 2 : Now take the mixture in a plate and take some cornflour on your palm & shape it like a cutlet.Take a pan and put sufficient oil and heat it for a while.In the meantime, we can prepare the batter for cutlet.Take a bowl and give all the remaining ingredients including the some special spice and salt as required with a dash of water.Mix it very well.Make sure it should not be too thin.
                  Step 3 : Mix the cornflex in the bread crumb.Then dip the patties in the batter and immediately coat it with bread crumb,press it and keep aside for 5 minutes.Next,fry the patties into hot oil on medium flame until it turns golden brown from the both sides.Here it is ready our Crispy Delicious Panner Vegetable Cutlet is ready to be served hot.Garnish it with your favorite chutney and salad.
Happy Cooking....🌝

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