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 Parwal / pointed gourd Recipe is an amazing dish for our lunch or dinner.Specially the taste of stuffed parwal fry is very tasty and delicious.This recipe is one of my innovative recipes.Here I have used shrimp,descicated coconut,potato and special spices as stuffings of the parwal.And it has come out brilliantly.Really nice and crispy & innovative very easy to cook too.Please try it and give feedback.Lets have a look for the ingredients.

Cooking Time : 30-40 minutes approx
Serving : 3-4 people         
Recipe Type : Snack
Author : Sritama


1. Six(6) Medium size Parwal(Parval)
2. 250 grams Shrimp
3. One large size chopped onion
4. Two boiled & smashed potato
5. One tablespoon chopped Garlic
6. Two tablespoon descicated Coconut
7. One tablespoon chopped Ginger
8. One chopped Green Chilli
9. One tablespoon Black Pepper Powder
10.One tablespoon Red Chilli Powder
11. One tablespoon dry roasted special mixed masala
12. Fresh Coriander Leaves
13. Vegetable Oil
14. Salt to taste

For Batter :

12. Two tablespoon all purpose flour
13. Two tablespoon Cornflour
14. One tablespoon dust rice 
15. Salt to taste
16. One tablespoon baking soda
17. Four tablespoon Besan (gram flour)

Method :
               Step 1 :Peel off the parwals well and cut one end of the parwal.Then take a spoon and with the help of its last portion scoop out all the seeds from inside of parwal so that you can easily fill the stuffings.
              Step 2 : Fry the shrimps on hot oil and until it turns golden.Then add chopped ginger and garlic, mix it.After a minute add coconut and fry it for another minute.Now grind the mixture with the help of a mixture grinder, and coarsely grind it.
            Step 3 : Take a bowl pour the mixture.Add potato,onion,coriander leaves chillies,salt and all the powdered spices.Mix it well and fill each of the scooped out parwal with a portion of filling carefully.
              Step 4 : Take another bowl and give all the batter ingredients and salt and special spice with a dash of water.Make a thick batter,make sure it should not be too thick.Now coat the parwal into the batter mixture well
             Step 5 : To fry it heat sufficient oil.Now give all the parwals on the hot oil and fry it on medium flame until it becomes golden brown from both sides.Take them out from pan.
And ready our crispy and yummy my innovative recipe Stuffed Shrimp in parwal.Garnish it with onion rings and your favorite chutney.

Happy Cooking...🌝🌝
Video Link Of the Recipe :

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