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                                            Happy Independence day.We should proudly celebrate the day with an interesting recipe that represents our nation.So today I have decided to make an easy & innovative recipe named Tricolor Pulao / Tiranga Pulao.To make this special recipe fitting for this auspicious day, I have made no compromise with its taste and flavor.All the three rices taste awesome and together they make this amazing recipe.So do try this recipe & give me good feedback.Lets learn how to prepare this simple recipe...🌝

Cooking Time : 30 minutes approx
Serving : 3-4 people
Recipe Type : One bowl Veg meal
Recipe Cuisine : Indian

Ingredients :
                        1. 300 gm cooked basmati rice
                        2. 1 grated & grinded carrot
                        3. 150 gm smashed paneer/cottage cheese
                        4. some boiled spinach paste
                        5. some coriander leaves paste
                        6. 2 tablespoon grated ginger 
                        7. some cashew nuts & raisin
                        8. 2-3 bayleaves
                        9. some whole garam masala
                       10. 3-4 tablespoon ghee
                       11. 1 teaspoon cumin powder
                       12. 2 tablespoon cumin seeds
                       13. salt to taste
                       14. sugar 1 tablespoon
                       15. 3 chopped green chilies
                                 16.   1 tablespoon oil

Method :
                   White color Pulao:
                                                       To prepare our White color pulao at first,put some ghee on a hot pan and let it melt.Give cumin seeds,ginger,cashew nuts,bayleaves ,whole garam masala,and some chillies.Mix it for 2 minutes.Then add some crushed paneer and cooked rice(100gm)& salt to taste,stir it well.After 2 minutes add sugar in it and mix it for few seconds.Here it is ready our too easy & tasty white color pulao.
                   Saffron color Pulao :
                                                          give oil on a heated pan and add bayleaf, some whole garam masala & carrot paste.Stir it for 2-3 minutes on low flame.You can cover it.Opening the lid add remaining cashew nuts & raisin stir it for few seconds.Then dash of water and give rice (100gm ),salt and sugar.Mix it for 1-2 minutes.Ready our saffron color pulao.

                  Green color Pulao :
                                                      Soak some smashed paneer in boiled spinach and coriander paste with some ghee and cumin powder.Give remaining ghee on a hot pan and let it melt.Give some ginger,cumin seeds,green chillies and salt to taste.Then add the spinach and paneer paste and stir it for a while on low flame.Cover the lid.After 3-4 minutes open the lid add cumin powder in it and boiled rice(100gm).Mix it for 2-3 minutes.Turn off the flame.Here it is ready our green Pulao.

Todays special tricolor pulao is ready to be served hot. Garnish the three rices in equal proportion.At first saffron color pulao,in the middle white color pulao and at the bottom green color pulao and Enjoy the special day...

Happy Cooking...🌝


Perfect Side dishes of the Recipe :

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