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Jeera rice is one of the most popular rice in Restaurants.Jeera rice is basically rice flavored with cumin & lightly spiced with whole garam masala. I made this cumin flavored rice in 10 minutes in cooker and it results absolutely perfect.Jeera rice goes perfect with dal tadka,dhaba style Kadai Paneer,Kashmiri Rajma Masala.Here I made it step by step with a video.So do try this flavorful dish at home and give me good feedback.

Cooking Time : 9-10 minutes approx
Serving : 2-3 people
Recipe Type : One bowl meal
Recipe Cuisine : Indian
Author : Sritama

Ingredients :
                      1. 250 gm soaked basmati rice
                      2. 2 tablespoon cumin seeds
                      3. 1 pinch of asafoetida
                      4. 2 green & 1 big cardamom,1 cinnamon,2-3 cloves
                      5. 3 chopped green chillies
                      6. 1 tablespoon ghee
                      7. 1 tablespoon oil
                      8. 2 bayleaves
                      9. 1 tablespoon grated ginger
                     10. some coriander leaves
                     11. 1 teaspoon sugar
                     12. salt to taste

               Take a pressure cooker & give oil and ghee and let it melt.Give whole garam masala,hing,bayleaves,cumin seeds on hot oil and mix it.Now add chillies and ginger & mix it for few seconds.Add rice and stir it low flame for 2-3 minutes.Now give coriander leaves and mix it again for another minute.Give water(less than twice of the quantity of rice) in it and cover the lid of the cooker.After a whistle open the cooker,make sure that the rice is perfectly cooked.Now add salt and sugar. Turn off the flame after adding some ghee for nice flavor.Here your restaurant style jeera rice is ready to be served hot in 10 minutes.Serve it with Kadai Paneer or Kashmiri Rajma.

Happy Cooking...🌝

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