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Boondi ladoo is a very popular and delicious Indian sweet which is actually available in the market. But we can also make it same at our sweet home, during the festivals specially in Ganesh Chaturthi. It is basically made from gram flour or besan, making this laddu is also very easy and simple. Only you have to follow some necessary methods to make these laddu perfect like the market and the result will as you can see above in the pic...So lets learn how to prepare this special type of Laddu....Shall we ?...🌝

Preparation Time :  1 hour approx.
Serving : 7-8 people approx
Recipe Type : Dessert / Sweet
Recipe Cuisine : India
Author : Sritama

                     1. 1 cup(250 gm) gram flour ( Besan )
                     2. 300 gm sugar
                     3. 25 gm pistachio
                     4. 20 gm melon seeds
                     5. 1 tablespoon ghee

Method :
                For Batter : At first take besan in a pan and add some ghee to it. Then add water in small quantities.The amount of water required in this entire process is more than one cup, but not more than one & half cup. Then add  some food color (optional) for that orangy tinge. Now, mix the entire thing well for 10-15 minutes till it gets the perfect consistency. Preparing this batter is very important for having the perfect boondi laddu. After mixing the batter for 10-15 minutes keep it aside for another 15 minutes. This will help the batter to ferment and become more fluffy.

             To Fry Boondies : First, take oil and ghee in proper quantity in a pan. Wait for it to be heated properly.Now, take a pierced spoon( spoon with holes) above the hot oil and  pour the batter on it. It will make the batter fall on the hot oil through the holes in the shape of boondies.Fry the entire batter in just like the same way. Then, dry roast the pistachio and the melon seeds in a separate tawa and mix them with the fried boondies.

             To Make Sugar Syrup : Now, its time to make the sugar syrup. Take one cup of water in a pan and add sugar. Then, boil the mixture for 15-20 minutes on medium flame. Keep stirring it in between.Check the syrup for the correct consistency.Take a little amount of the syrup in your fingers and check if it forms a string. If it does, then you have prepared the perfect sugar syrup for the Boondi Laddu.
                       Now add all the fried boondies in the sugar syrup and stir continuously for 3-4 minutes.Then switch off the gas and keep the mixture aside till the boondies absorb the sugar syrup and gets cool.

            Finally To Make Laddu : Now, its time to make the laddu. When the mixture is ready take some of it on your palm and give it the shape of laddu with the help of  both your hands. Make as much laddus as you like in just the same way.

                                                       Garnish it with toppings of sliced pistachios and melon seeds. Take a bite and feel the amazing taste. Enjoy the festive season with this awesome sweet dish.
                                                        Happy Cooking....🌝

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