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Crispy & Tasty Til Gud Ke Ladoo In 5 Minutes-Til Ke Ladoo-तिल गुड़ के लड्डू-Til Gud Laddu Recipe-Sesame Seeds Ladoo-Winter Special Healthy & Tasty Dessert With Video

Today I will show you how to make crispy & tasty Til Gud Ke Ladoo Recipe in only 5 minutes.It's a winter special healthy sweet recipe.Making this Til Ladoo is very easy & quick.You can store it in a airtight container for few days,so that you can consume it anytime.Do try this simple & delicious Dessert today & give me feedback.... 

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Preparation Time :  5-10 minutes approx
Serving : 6-7
No. of Ladoos : 25
Recipe Type : Dessert
Recipe Cuisine : Indian
 Author : Sritama

Ingredients :
                       1. 250 gm sesame seeds
                       2. 250 gm jaggery
                       3. 1 tblspn ghee

Video Link Of the Recipe :

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Method :
                Step 1 : Dry roast the sesame seeds for 2-3 minutes on medium flame.Take them out from the pan.And keep aside,don't over roast til.

                Step 2 : Don't switch off the flame,on that pan put ghee on the pan and let it melt.Add Jaggery and mix well for 3-4 minutes on medium flame or until bubbles come up on it.

                 Step 3 : Now switch off the flame and gently add til and mix immediately with spoon.Take the mixture out from the pan and pour on a plate.

                  Step 4 : Grease your palm with cold water.Take some mixture and make ladoo with the help of your palm.You have to complete the process before the mixture cools down....

Here our Crispy,Delicious Til Ladoo is ready to be served.....

Happy Cooking....🌝


  1. Thanks for sharing the gud ke laddu. It is something you cannot find in every Indian Sweet Shop. I have noted down the recipe and will surely try to prepare laddu at home.


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