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Valentine's Day Special Recipe-Special Strawberry Smoothie With Mix Dry Fruits-Romantic Dessert Recipe

Hallo Friends...🙂🙂...Hope You enjoy this Valentine's Day Special Dessert,this can be a perfect gift for your valentine partner....So,do try this special recipe on the special day & try to share it with your friends & family....Have a lovely week ahead...Greetings from Sritama's Kitchen...🙂

Cooking Time : 10 minutes
Serving : 2-3 people
Recipe Category : dessert / drink
Author : Sritama

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Ingredients :
                     1. 5-6 strawberry
                     2. 150 ml milk
                     3. 5-6 tblspn sugar
                     4. 25 gm cashew nuts
                     5. 1 bowl fresh cream
                     6. 1 tblspn vanilla essence
                     7. 2 tblspn strawberry jam
                     8. some chopped mix dry fruits

Method :
                Chop the strawberries.Take a mixture jar pour all the ingredients except mix dry fruits & make a smooth paste for 1 minute.Now Pour the smoothie into serving glass from a slightly upper level.Garnish the glass with chopped mix dry fruits as you like.

Here ready our Valentine's day Special Strawberry Smoothie.Serve it to your valentine partner with rose petals & chocolates with lots of love...

Happy cooking....🌝


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