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हलवाई जैसी स्वादिस्ट गुलाब जामुन-How To Make Soft Gulab Jamun Recipe At Home-Gulab Jamun Recipe In Hindi

Gulab Jamun is a very popular Indian Sweet Recipe...It's  a traditional & famous Indian sweet recipe.It's Spongy milky balls soaked in rose scented syrup.There are many instant mixes available in the market but no one comes even close to the homemade gulab jamuns made from traditional mawa / khoya with this recipe.making this sweet is also very easy.So do try the delicious sweet & share your opinion.
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Cooking Time : 50 minutes approx.
 Serving : 3-4 people.
 Recipe type: Sweet.
Recipe Category : Indian.

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                                   1. 300 gm mawa / khoya
                                 2. 100 gm paneer (chena)  
                                 3. 80-100 gm All Purpose Flour(Maida) 
                                4. Oil to fry
                                5. 1 tspn Baking Soda
                                6. 400 ml Water(for sugar syrup)
                                7. 400 gm Sugar
                                8. 1 tspn Cardamom Powder
                                9. 1//3 tspn nutmeg powder(jaiphal) (Optional)
                               10. chopped cashew,almonds
                               11. 8-10 big cardamom seeds(optional)
Method :

* Take a bowl.mix the khoya very well.Add paneer in to it,mix well.Now add maida,mix it for 15 minutes, don't add water in the mixture .Make a soft dough.Give a round shape.For stuffings,fill the chopped dry fruits inside the gulab jamun one by one.Again make a round shape.

  * Heat up the oil in a pan. Don't heat up the oil too much. Then give the gulab jamun in the oil. Fry all the pieces in medium flame until it's golden.Take them out from the pan. 

* Take another pan and give water to boil.Add sugar to make the sugar syrup for 10-15 minutes. Turn off the flame. Add Cardamom powder in the sugar syrup.Mix it well.Now dip the fried Gulab jamun into it, After  minimum 2-3 hours serve the special sweet.

                              HAPPY COOKING...😊😊

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